Do You Have A Plan?
  • In 2012 approximately 31,000 candidates applied for 27,000 residency positions.
  • 20,940 were successful in the MATCH.
  • You MUST have a strategy for success
  • You must have a compelling personal statement
Getting into residency is like passing through a funnel.

Many are called, but only a few will get through the narrow outlet.
  Beating the odds and passing through is a stressful and demanding process.

Once you get through the tight middle into residency, the opportunities are endless. Healthcare is a recession proof industry.

A large percentage of doctors receive job offers before they are done with residency.
Strategy + Opportunity = A Residency Position

No two candidates are the same. Every candidate is different from the next,with different skill sets, strengths and weaknesses.

No matter how strong or weak you are as a candidate, without a plan and strategy opportunities will pass you by.

Every candidate, both IMG's and US medical school graduates hope to MATCH, but very few have a plan after the Match just in case things go south.

Dr Mon has put together  a concise key to success that will guide you from the USMLE exams into Residency . What you get...
Strategy meets opportunity
It is the only thing
Getting into residency isn't everything;
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-  USMLE to Residency Strategy
-  Strategy For Green Card
- Success After Multipe Attempts
- Strategies For Observerships / Externships
- Interview Tips / Questions To Ask
- Write Filter Proof Personal Statements
- Click here now and get your copy!